BASF’s Ridesco is a WG water dispersible granule insecticide. Combining dinotefuran and alpha-cypermethrin, Ridesco WG Insecticide is tough on difficult-to-control pests such as ants, house flies, American cockroaches and spiders, BASF says. It is a perimeter product that can be used in a wide array of application sites, including turfgrass and ornamentals. Indoors, Ridesco WG Insecticide is the only dry dilutable insecticide with dual-mode of action approved for use in food-handling in the U.S., BASF reports.

“With two popular active ingredients in one convenient treatment, a flexible product label that covers a broad range of application sites, and an easy-to-mix and measure formulation, Ridesco WG Insecticide can be the go-to product for PMPs,” said Melissa Chu, Pest Control Solutions marketing manager for BASF Agricultural Solutions. “It’s also an excellent tool for the prevention of insecticide resistance for highly prolific pests, such as flies, American cockroaches and bed bugs. With these benefits, Ridesco WG Insecticide can round out a successful start-to-finish Integrated Pest Management Program for PMPs.”

Ridesco WG will be available for purchase from BASF distributors by the end of the year.



SenSci has debuted a new look, products and safety measures as a result of changes in 2021, the company says. “We’ve been going through a lot of changes at SenSci and we’re excited to finally be able to share them with everyone,” said Chief Operations Officer Robert DiJoseph.

“When we were designing the product logo for the SenSci Pyramid, I wanted to have something that spoke to our core value of being audacious,” said Jeff White, chief product officer at SenSci. “We wanted something bold and unique. The design for the Pyramid was exactly what we were looking for and decided to move in that direction with all of the product logos.”

SenSci’s product line also received a facelift. The SenSci Pyramid joined the line and the SenSci ActivCR bullet lure took the place of the SenSci Activ towelette. Finally, the SenSci Volcano was redesigned to accommodate the new format of the SenSci ActivCR lure.

SenSci experts also are now available for on-site training workshops, speaking engagements, business consultations and virtual trainings.


Insect Limited

Food Moth Bullet Lures feature Insect Limited’s signature pheromone Bullet Lures that attract the following pests:

  • Indian meal moth (Plodia interpunctella)
  • Mediterranean flour moths (Ephestia kuehniella)
  • Almond moth (Ephestia cautella)
  • Tobacco moths (Ephestia elutella)

The lures also work with other food moth species via a controlled release of pheromone over three months. Male Indian meal moths are attracted to the lure and are stuck in the glue when paired with a sticky trap trapping system.



Suterra announced the launch of BioAmp AA, which it says is the first trail pheromone adjuvant for the control of Argentine ants (Linepithema humile).

BioAmp AA is a synthetic copy of the trail pheromone for Argentine ant formulated into a sprayable adjuvant. When mixed with non-repellent insecticide used for exterior perimeter ant service calls, it lures the insect into the treatment area, exposing more ants to the insecticide and enhancing the effect, Suterra says. The company says that adding BioAmp AA reduces the need for insecticide reapplications, decreasing labor costs and increasing profitability for PMPs.

“Commercial and residential customers want a sustainable alternative to more pesticides,” said Vijay Pai, general manager of Commercial Pests for Suterra. “BioAmp AA delivers not just sustainability, but greater effectiveness.”

The microencapsulated formulation is compatible with nearly every non-repellent insecticide spray and fits into any ant control protocol, Suterra says.