Steve Levy

This past year has come with more than its share of unique obstacles and varied challenges. From a business perspective, normal operating procedures have been upended. Companies and organizations have had to quickly adapt to a changed environment as well as disrupted routines. Despite the disruptions and required adjustments, one thing has not changed — rodents’ abilities to adapt and to thrive.

The societal dislocation as a result of COVID altered rodents’ habitats and behavioral patterns. Stories of rats taking over Bourbon Street, relocating from restaurants to residential areas, and running rampant in Chicago and New York have populated the news throughout 2020. This has required pest control companies to modify their protocols: whether instituting additional safety precautions, flexing work schedules, altering communications or looking for the proper tools to assist in navigating this new environment.

We commend the efforts of the pest control industry for reacting quickly to the required operational changes of the past year. At Bell, we recognize this need, and our goal is to ensure pest management professionals (PMPs) have the tools for efficient and efficacious rodent control.

One tool we offer that meets today’s need is the new line of iQ products. Powered by Bell Sensing Technologies, the iQ product range takes popular Bell rodent control devices and outfits them with customized Bluetooth sensors, recording when and where rodents are active at an account.

With iQ’s automated data gathering, keeping acceptable social distance in areas of high employee traffic is achievable. PMPs no longer are checking empty devices or bait stations without activity; they are instead focusing on treating the areas where rodent activity has been timestamped and recorded.

Innovations like Bell’s iQ product line are intended to help you thrive in environments like we have today. Bell promises to make every effort to provide great rodent control solutions to our customers, and continuing our work in the ongoing fight against rodents.

We appreciate your support and thank you for your business. Stay safe and be well.

Steve Levy

President and CEO

Bell Laboratories