Stephanie Jensen

Since 2015, BASF has been proud to sponsor an annual survey, in cooperation with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and PCT magazine, devoted to addressing key issues of importance to the pest control industry. These research studies have included “Benchmarking Your Business,” “Compensation and Benefits,” “Business Outlook” and “Employee Recruitment and Retention.” All of these topics support BASF’s ongoing efforts to be good stewards of the pest management industry.

In 2019 the issue of “Workplace Diversity” was addressed in a first-of-its-kind survey that has proven beneficial in the ongoing work of NPMA’s Diversity Council. Last year the critical topic of employee recruitment and retention was discussed via research focused on “Job Satisfaction,” which was designed to gauge workplace attitudes on a wide range of topics critical to the success of every pest control business. In addition to assessing job satisfaction levels throughout the industry, we inquired about on-the-job stress, advancement opportunities, job security, employee recognition, workplace safety and more.

This year’s research focuses on the generational shift the pest management industry is currently facing. This topic ties into the labor issue, which is timely since employment is still the #1 issue facing PMPs. As new and younger people enter the industry, how is the face of pest control changing? NPMA and PCT surveyed its members and readers on topics such as retirement, mentoring, succession planning, employee development, training and more. The articles on the following pages cover a wide range of these topics with never-before-seen data.

I believe generational shifts should be viewed with excitement, not trepidation, since owner/operators can work with people with different ways of thinking (and working!), which can add depth to their team. PMPs who appreciate and utilize the bench strength of more experienced team members can ensure they are providing crucial knowledge transfer and mentorship. This is often just as rewarding for them as it is necessary for you — enhancing their industry legacy and strengthening your business.

The bottom line? Don’t ignore generational issues — identify and address them so that everyone understands them, even if they may not appreciate the differences. Look for ways to build bridges of connection — community outreach can be a great team-building activity and build company pride!

At BASF, we believe the best way to bring a diverse team together is with a universal belief in your company’s purpose and core values. It doesn’t matter what your employees’ ages are or if there are differences in their backgrounds — a strong purpose and well expressed values can unite your team and set the foundation for your company culture. And it’s critical that your leaders understand they are accountable for this success.

We hope you find the information featured in this special report beneficial to your business. And we wish you nothing but the best in 2021!

Stephanie Jensen

Stephanie Jensen

Director, BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions North America