In a year filled with upheaval and uncertainty, industries have had to find innovative ways to pivot their business practices. Unsurprisingly, pest management professionals (PMPs) were able to continuously meet their customers’ pest control needs, keeping homes and properties free from harmful pests like cockroaches that can be a threat to public health.

Syngenta is proud to sponsor PCT magazine’s 2021 State of the Cockroach Market report, which found that cockroaches remain a top concern among customers. Nearly 70% of surveyed PMPs stated their customers consider cockroaches to be a harmful public health pest. This year’s report shares more important insights for PMPs regarding cockroach control trends and business tips, which we are confident will be valuable to you and your business.

Cockroaches are known for being difficult pests to control, making it even more important for PMPs to have a strong treatment approach. The SecureChoiceSM Cockroach Assurance Program from Syngenta combines an integrated pest management (IPM) approach with proven products to help PMPs deliver thorough, long-lasting control. By following the SecureChoice Cockroach IPM Guide, the program assures at least a 90% reduction in cockroach populations within the first four customer visits over a 60-day period.

It includes three phases: an initial visit, a follow-up visit and continued maintenance and prevention. The program’s proven effectiveness is attributed to a 90-day rotation of complementary products, including:

  • Advion® WDG insecticide and Optigard® Cockroach Gel Bait
  • Optigard Flex liquid insecticide and Advion Evolution Cockroach Gel Bait

Cockroach control can be daunting, but we are confident PMPs are up for the challenge. We are committed to providing the proven tools you need and be a partner in your continued success managing these public health pests.

Nicky Gallagher

Technical Services Manager

Syngenta Professional Pest Management

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