1. What are the toughest pest issues PMPs should be concerned with this summer?

Ants continue to be the reigning champs due to the variability of species and behaviors. This year, ticks are trending up significantly in the East. I am already getting calls about spiders all over, scorpions in the West and South, and the invasive lanternfly regionally.

2. What are the essential tools PMPs need to have in their arsenal to deal with these issues?

First and foremost, knowledge. PMPs need to be able to quickly identify the problem pests and recognize target pest behaviors. Secondly, PMPs need to create and execute a thorough integrated management plan tailored to a customer’s specific needs. Thirdly, PMPs need effective products and formulations at their fingertips that will enable them to treat a broad spectrum of target pests with confidence and provide satisfactory results under a range of conditions.

3. What makes hard-to-kill pests so hard to kill?

The challenges with hard-to-kill pests are twofold: exposing a target pest to a sufficient active ingredient and exposing it for a long enough time to result in mortality. Large pests like scorpions require more, or longer, exposures. Many pests don’t “rest” on treated surfaces for enough time for a single exposure mortality (think mosquitoes). Some pests like spiders don’t have significant contact exposure to collect residues due to their anatomy, and still others may have very thick/dense exoskeletons that slow the penetration/absorption of insecticides, like stink bugs.

4. Does Temprid® FX Insecticide have utility beyond those “hard-to-kill” applications?

Temprid FX’s dual-active ingredients have demonstrated excellent results against target pests that are often defined as hard to kill, like spiders and scorpions. Unlike simple “mixture” formulations, Temprid FX contains “co-milled” insecticide crystals in the suspension concentrate. Each crystal contains both complementary active ingredients. However, the beauty of Temprid is that it provides PMPs an effective solution and peace of mind when they’re challenged by a broad spectrum of target pests over the course of their day regardless of whether they are considered hard to kill or not.

5. What are some reasons PMPs give when you ask them, “When is it time for Temprid?”

Given that PMPs often are asked to provide relief from many target pests during their service visits, the performance of Temprid FX’s dual-active, co-milled formulation is routinely given as a reason they turn to Temprid. Temprid enables our customers to deliver on the promises they make to theirs. Also, we hear from PMPs that providing fast control of hard-to-kill pests while cutting callbacks makes Temprid a smart choice.