While nearly half (48 percent) of the PMPs PCT surveyed said that they sell tick control as a standalone service, many bundle them with other pest programs. At Last Bite Mosquito & Tick Control, for example, tick control is bundled with mosquito control. Jason and Jeremy Julio use a product that effectively controls both pests, so customers automatically get that coverage. If the tick infestation is more sustained, or the customer has a high level of concern, Last Bite technicians add granular applications to the protocol for an extra charge.

Josh Carver of Pro Turf & Pro Pest Solutions also bundles ticks with other pests. “Years ago, we sold tick control as a standalone, targeted service, but now we market it as a combined service. Although demand for tick control as a standalone service has grown over the past five years, with the products available today, it makes more sense for us to treat for fleas, ticks and chiggers at the same time,” he says.

Taking full advantage of this trend in demand, Bob Masters’ team at Masters Termite and Pest Control offers tick treatments proactively.

“When we discuss treatment options for customers’ quarterly general pest programs, we’re sure to tell them that we offer an organic tick spray,” he says. “That gets people’s attention and they usually want to hear more about it. Even if ticks aren’t a big issue for them, they like the idea that this safe application could help protect their families. So we build tick control into a lot of our quarterly plans, doing treatments in spring, summer and fall.”