PCT ran incorrect product listings in the April issue. The editors regret the error. The correct information appears below.




Bird-X’s latest addition to its line of bird control solutions is a ledge exclusion product called AviAngle. The smooth surface of the UV-protected PVC material and the angle of the AviAngle bird ledge combine to prevent birds and wildlife from being able to find a stable foothold, the company says. Made of rigid PVC with UV inhibitors, AviAngle is resistant to virtually all weather and harsh environments when installed according to manufacturer instructions.

AviAngle’s unique design elements and colors make this system easy to blend into virtually any surface. The low-profile design makes it ideal for eaves, I-beams, bridges, overpasses, parking garages and a variety of other architectural applications.

Bird control solutions, such as AviAngle, have been proven to deter unwanted wildlife from trafficked areas, thus making it safer for people and the animals, Bird-X says.


Bird Control Group


Bird Control Group says pest management professionals can protect their customers’ facilities from unwanted pest birds with the AVIX Autonomic Mark II laser system. The system can be programmed by a user-friendly app to run different laser projection patterns over the areas to deter unwanted bird behavior. The company says the product:

    • Offers immediate and long-lasting results.

    • Decreases bird nuisance by 70 percent.

    • Is an ecological solution that is animal-friendly.

    • Offers easy installation with coverage of 300+ yards.

PMPs interested in learning more about the AVIX Autonomic Mark II laser technology can view testimonials on YouTube.




Xcluder, designer of rodent-proofing solutions, announced the launch of new Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps. Xcluder says its new Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps provide increased protection against rodents and insects and also feature an easier-to-install design and enhanced weathersealing and thermal properties. Designed for compliance with food safety audit standards, the new line of sweeps is guaranteed to be impenetrable to mice and rats for the lifetime of any properly installed product, Xcluder reports.

Xcluder says its new Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps feature a core of high-density Xcluder Fill Fabric — a blend of stainless steel and poly-fiber with sharp, coarse fibers that rodents cannot gnaw through — and reinforced TPV gaskets that create an energy-saving weatherseal. The new sweeps also feature an extended rubber flap to create a flush ground seal against insects and other outdoor contaminants. The added flap also prevents light penetration, which is often how food safety auditors determine whether doors are at risk of being breached. The new design includes screw-on end caps that seal the outer edge from even the most industrious rodents, Xcluder says. Xcluder Rodent-Proof Door Sweeps are specially designed to assist in meeting SQF, BRC, FDA and other food safety standards.

Xcluder Door Sweeps are now available in Low-Profile, Standard and Versa-Line options to accommodate all door sizes and types, the company says. The Low-Profile and Standard Door Sweeps protect under-door gaps up to 1 inch and 1¼ inches, respectively. Xcluder’s Versa-Line Sweeps protect under door gaps up to 1¾ inches and feature an optional cover to hide mounting hardware and create a smooth appearance. All of the models can be cut to size using standard tools and are available in aluminum or dark bronze finish.




Innolytics, together with Rocketman Distributors Pty, has received regulatory approval for OvoControl P in Australia.

“Many of the urban and industrial areas of the country are overwhelmed with pigeons,” commented Erick Wolf, CEO of Innolytics, the manufacturer of OvoControl P. “Civic and governmental groups decided to do something proactive to drive down the population by adopting ‘birth control’ for pigeons.”

The unique ecosystem of Australia includes a diverse array of avian species. Great care was taken by the regulatory agencies to ensure that OvoControl could be used in the market, safely and effectively, the company says. Rocketman in Australia coordinated the application and will distribute and represent OvoControl P in the country.

OvoControl P is a ready-to-use bait, dispensed on flat rooftops with a mechanical feeder. This effective and humane technology is especially useful for managing pigeon flocks in larger facilities without having to resort to poisons or labor-intensive trapping programs, Innolytics reports.


Qspray.com/Buzz Duster


Qspray.com, a leading pest control equipment distributor, has acquired the assets of Buzz Duster, creator of a long-reach pesticide duster.

Buzz Duster is a commercial-grade dusting tool with multiple attachments designed to allow pest professionals to safely and easily treat areas up to 20 feet high, the company says.

Andrew Greess, president of Qspray.com, said, “Technicians no longer need to take risks climbing up ladders to reach those hard-to-treat areas. Buzz Duster is the best tool of its kind on the market and we plan to vastly expand its distribution and use by pest control professionals.”

Greess said that plans for the product include a significant price reduction, expanded availability through the existing pest control distribution network, increased distributor support, as well as availability of replacement parts to support the industry.