“The ATAHC Program will make a huge difference for managers, staff and residents of affordable housing,” assured Joseph Latino, president of Allergy Technologies. Founded on the principles of integrated pest management, the protocol reduces the bed bug burden in housing communities so residents can enjoy an improved ‘quality of life’ free of these pests.

“I had bed bugs, myself, and the mental health and anxiety that goes along with it is a problem that people don’t realize,” said Philadelphia Councilmember Mark Squilla.

Relieving this stress is a win for residents, as well as for the property management companies and owners who constantly must respond to bed bug problems, he said.

“The adoption of the ATAHC bed bug program since January 2020, including the installation of ActiveGuard, has been a great addition to our community,” said the Resident Council president at the program demonstration site. “Our residents and I agree that it has been wonderful. We have not had any outbreaks of bed bugs.”

“The ATAHC bed bug program has changed the landscape of bed bugs in our 450+ unit community living housing complex,” added the community manager for the property management group, a national leader in commercial real estate specializing in affordable housing. “Most importantly, it has improved the ‘quality of life’ of our residents. Both residents and staff have really embraced the program and have often commented they are eager to assist in improving their living and work environment.

“Personally, as the community manager, it has been a relief not to receive frequent bed bug complaints, that are both time-consuming and quite expensive to treat,” he added. “My staff can now focus on non-bed bug issues as the preventive success of this program has reduced the bed bug presence on site to extraordinarily low levels.”