Tom Forshaw IV, President, FORSHAW
1. How does FORSHAW add value to a PMP’s business?

As a member of the pest management community, you can be confident FORSHAW will treat you like family while supplying you with the products and service you need for your business’ success. FORSHAW is more than a supplier. We consistently lead in innovation and our dedicated team members provide you with the best industry knowledge and business solutions. Partnering with FORSHAW will help you maximize your growth, reduce costly callbacks, save time on purchasing, grow your team members and expand your service offerings.

2. How will the new ForeSight App save PMPs time?

ForeSight is effortless ordering anytime, anyplace. The ForeSight App simplifies product replenishment to optimize time spent on inventory and technician management. With an array of services, the App features advanced order forecasting, full-service inventory management, and personalized technician and product usage reports. Our commitment to efficient and effective product ordering also offers you comprehensive data to make informed and proactive business decisions.

3. What separates FORSHAW from other industry suppliers?

At FORSHAW we are committed to providing superior customer service to our PMP Partners. We are an integral part of our PMP Partners’ teams and are focused on contributing to their success. Utilizing performance-based metrics to ensure order accuracy and fulfillment rates of 98%, you can count on us to consistently get you what you need when you need it — so you can spend your time on what matters most to you and your business.

4. What is FORSHAW University?

FORSHAW University provides consistent, convenient, and comprehensive online training including technical education, business development, and community improvement. This training will enable you to be more confident and perform at a higher level, resulting in increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction. Additionally, FORSHAW University provides ongoing access to educational resources at your fingertips to fit your flexible lifestyle.

5. How can PMPs partner with FORSHAW to better their community?

FORSHAW goes beyond improving your business. We have partnered with Safe House Project, a national leader in the fight against human trafficking, to better the communities where you live, work and play. Victim identification is currently only at 1% in the U.S. With pest management technicians servicing millions of homes and businesses annually, YOU are the eyes and ears of your community and YOU can be part of the solution. Empower yourself by taking the free 30-minute training at to learn how to spot, report and prevent trafficking. Let’s join together and break the cycle of exploitation! Saving one child will be a victory!