Trace McEuen

As we look at this year’s PCT Top 100, it is an important time to celebrate the hard work that brought us to this moment, and the ambitions that drive us forward.

Though 2020 was a year of unparalleled challenges, as an industry we faced them together — underscoring how essential your businesses are to your communities. Those challenges allowed us all to step back and define how our services can enhance customers’ lives in difficult times.

At Veseris, we feel a strong sense of pride seeing our industry come together, building on strong partnerships at a time when they’ve never mattered more. We are excited to keep providing the specific products, tools, guidance, and support to help bring your ambitions to life, whatever they may be.

Our team is staying focused on providing all the products you need while continually strengthening our company to help you achieve further success. We are investing in our people, new locations, and new systems, including a new ecommerce platform — all to make it even easier to do business with Veseris. Simply put, we are here to grow our partnership with you by being your strongest advocate, supporting your growth, and delivering positive impact, any way we can.

So, to all who have achieved your vision of joining the Top 100, congratulations. And to everyone still working toward your own goal, keep going. We’re always ready to help get you there.

Trace McEuen

CEO, Veseris