This 2020 State of the Bed Bug Market report has been developed based upon survey data collected from PMPs across North America. We, at Bayer, are proud to sponsor and support this compilation of interviews, market analysis and data insights, and we thank those PMPs across the country who participated in the research, providing valuable perspective on our industry and on the unique challenges that bed bugs create. We hope that readers will use this report as a resource in the upcoming bed bug season and beyond.

As we look forward into the coming months, we can’t help but reflect on 2020. This has certainly been a year of new challenges and, while much has changed, one thing that has remained constant is the grit and resilience that PMPs, and the pest management industry as a whole, continues to show. Tough pests, like bed bugs, haven’t backed down, and neither have the PMPs finding new ways to treat and to protect their communities during difficult times.

Our product portfolio and digital solutions are designed to protect communities and businesses from the many threats that pests may pose. Take bed bugs, for example. Not only do these pests cause harm to people’s health, but they pose a serious threat to businesses’ reputations, brands, revenue and customer experience — the pillars of a business’s success.

Within the Bayer Pest Management and Public Health portfolio, Temprid FX stands out as a flexible, powerful response to bed bugs — and will provide PMPs with the confidence to take on the toughest jobs. Our goal at Bayer is to do just that — to arm PMPs with the solutions to take on the next challenge, big or small, and to keep our communities safe.

For over a century, Bayer Pest Management and Public Health has proudly served as a partner to pest management professionals and has delivered the highest standard of science in the industry. We adapt and evolve our technologies and products in response to the ever-changing environment and the challenges we’ve faced. Just as PMPs work tirelessly to protect their customers and communities, we promise to show up day in and day out as a partner you can trust to protect what matters most.


Gokhan Vergon

Head of U.S. Pest Management & Public Health, Bayer