According to the PCT 2020 State of the Bed Bug Control Market survey, 42 percent PMPs said revenue from bed bug control service would increase next year. That’s down from 59 percent who felt this way last year.

Much depends on the pandemic’s end. “If this ends and we go back to normal, I think my bed bug work will go back to normal,” said Tom Sieminski, Team Pest Control. He said he thinks a return to normal travel, recreation and entertainment levels may take a while. “The trepidation and the uncertainty are really paramount in people’s heads right now,” he said.

Daniel Conrad of Pro-Tech Termite and Pest Control said he expects the number and scope of bed bug jobs to increase. “I think the call volume will go up and I think the infestation levels are going to be higher because (people) have put off calling someone to come into their house,” he said.

“I’m pretty happy with the bed bug market right now,” added Conrad. “I’ll be ready to go out there next time it really picks up again.”