Jamel Sandidge, B.C.E., Ph.D., MA, Innovation Platform Leader, Professional Pest Management
1. How can my commercial and residential clients benefit from bio-sanitation and odor elimination?

The buildup of fats, oils and grease can create problems in commercial kitchens ranging from floor drain and sewage backup to slip-and-fall cases and the increased threat of fire. Foul odors caused by feces, urine, dead animals and scum buildup in drains, garbage disposals, dumpsters and recycling containers can be prevented and eliminated with the recurring use of bio-sanitation products.

2. How do bio-sanitation products work?

The beneficial microbial spores found in bio-sanitation products are microscopic living organisms in a dormant form. Once they are applied to a favorable environment (moist areas with organic debris), they begin to reproduce rapidly. These activated microbes continuously produce enzymes to digest and consume the organic debris, which eliminates the source of the problem and prevents odors.

3. What are the benefits of bio-sanitation in the pest management industry?

Inspection and identification of conducive conditions is a fundamental process of IPM. The unique blend of microbes found in bio-sanitation products are optimized for daily challenges commonly encountered by PMPs. Bio-sanitation products are not pesticides. They are a unique class of “green” bio-cleaners that specialize in reducing organic debris, eliminating odors and counteracting negative sanitation practices that are key to providing a safe and clean environment.

4. My commercial kitchen clients refuse to clean. Will bioremediation products help with this challenge?

The integrated strategies of cleaning and bio-sanitation are critical components of success. Eliminate odor and organic buildup at the source when clients refuse to clean. Bio-sanitation products continue to work around the clock to digest and remove organic matter. Commercial kitchens will benefit from regular use of these products in any areas where chronic moisture, scum buildup and organic waste are a frequent problem.

5. How can I increase my revenue by adding bio-sanitation products to my initial service calls?

Introduce your clients to the effectiveness of bio-sanitation products. In residential settings, bio-sanitation products can be added to the initial service to set your business apart from the competition. In commercial kitchens, emphasize that your services will help to alleviate the buildup of FOG in floors, sinks and drains. Bio-sanitation services will help to reduce accumulated organic matter and eliminate odors in countless areas.

All dishwashers eventually suffer from organic material build-up and odors. Foam Fresh bio-sanitation foam’s triple action not only gets rid of offensive odors, but also attacks and consumes the fats, oils and grease (FOG) causing the problem.
If your residential customer wonders why their garbage disposal is still smelling bad after they cleaned it, check the organic build-up under the splash guard. Plus, there can still be food residue stuck inside the grinder. Use of bio-sanitation products like Foam Fresh or Bac-Azap can eliminate the organic material causing the odor.
Bar mats in commercial kitchens collect a lot of organic debris and are notoriously hard to keep clean. Regular bio-santitation with Foam Fresh can help solve the problem!
Floor drains in commercial kitchens accumulate organic matter that smells bad. Regular drain foaming can help eliminate the organic build-up and clear up the odors as well.