Erin Monteagudo, Technical Content and Training Specialist
1. How has training changed in the pest management industry, and why?

There’s been a push for more meaningful training. When it comes to getting last-minute CEUs, PMPs will tolerate pretty much anything. That affects the overall quality of available training. Today’s PMPs want fresh options that help their technicians understand and do their jobs better beyond just earning CEUs.

2. What effect has the current pandemic had on training?

It has definitely driven training online. When the pandemic hit, many in-person spring courses were canceled, leaving PMPs scrambling for other options. Many PMPs who hadn’t previously considered online training are now realizing how convenient it is. Online courses don’t require travel plans or loss of productivity since they’re available anytime on computers and mobile devices.

3. How else are businesses using ProTaining to train employees?

Many PMPs are realizing the value of online training beyond earning CEUs by building programs either around or including our courses. Newer businesses without a technical team can rely on our courses for verifiable training, and established businesses with technical teams can add our content to their existing training programs.

4. Can business owners track employees’ online training with ProTraining?

Yes! Managers can view and download online courses completed by their employees within specified date ranges. They can also purchase the courses in bulk and assign them to designated employees.

5. What is ProTraining’s ACE Prep Series?

Many pest management professionals are interested in becoming an Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) or having an ACE on staff to show a greater degree of industry professionalism. However, the ACE exam can be a major hurdle, and for years, PMPs have relied on in-person seminars for help. Earlier this year, we released the ACE Prep Series as a more convenient way to get prepared for the exam.