James F. Miller, ACE Trécé Market Manager, PCO

CIDETRAK IMM MEC is a highly sophisticated microencapsulated (MEC) controlled release formulation, created to control and prevent infestations of the IMM and other species. It employs a non-toxic synthetic replica of the female-produced sex pheromone to suppress, deny, or delay the mating of IMM adults.

2. How does CIDETRAK IMM MEC work?

CIDETRAK IMM MEC slowly releases pheromone chemistry through a polymeric matrix or “microcapsule” formed around the active ingredient. It uses air current and building convection to distribute the pheromone throughout the treatment area.

3. How do we apply CIDETRAK IMM MEC?

CIDETRAK IMM MEC may be applied as a general surface spray, or via fogging, spot spray, or crack and crevice treatment where targeted insect infestations are present. Use spray/application equipment capable of delivering a variable spray or coating to uniformly apply the solution such as handheld sprayers, electric sprayers or fogging equipment. The product may also be tank mixed with an adulticide and/or insect growth regulator pending label allowance.

4 Why was CIDETRAK IMM MEC developed?

The evolution of mating disruption technology never stops. CIDETRAK IMM MEC provides a more economical solution for clients with IMM issues and the added benefit of combining control and prevention products into a multi-faceted IPM program allows for more solutions for the end user and pest management professional.

5. What level of efficacy was achieved in trials with CIDETRAK IMM MEC?

Results have been exceptional! We have over 3 years of research and development conducted in some of the harshest environments available. Results were then compared to traditional mating disruption dispensers and non-treated similar sites. CIDETRAK IMM MEC application resulted in 98% reduction of IMM in a retail pet store.