Dr. Janis Reed, Technical Service Manager
1. What is the Precision Delivery System?

The Precision Delivery System (PDS) was first introduced by Control Solutions, Inc. in 2019 as a sister launch to our Doxem Precise dry flowable cockroach bait. This innovative hand-held applicator allows PMPs to make precise, targeted applications deep into insect harborages. Simply pull the trigger on the PDS unit to quickly make precise applications.

2. Is the PDS metered or automatic?

No. The PDS is completely controlled by the PMP who is operating the unit. If an application is needed in a large void, the PMP can choose to apply more product by actuating the trigger for several seconds. If a small harborage is being treated, the unit can be actuated for a shorter length of time. Flexibility in applications is one of the primary strengths of this innovative piece of equipment.

3. Does the PDS always apply a consistent amount of dry flowable product when the trigger is actuated?

The PDS will deliver CSI dry flowable products very consistently until the cartridge is almost empty. When the cartridge nears empty, output may decrease. When this occurs, simply use a new/full cartridge and recover any leftover dry flowable material into the new cartridge.

4. Is the PDS rechargeable? How do I change the battery?

The Precision Delivery System operates on a standard 9-volt battery. Changing the battery is simple — just remove a single screw and pop off the battery cover. Then remove the old battery and drop in a new one. For a full video tutorial on how to change the battery, visit the PDS website at csi-pds.com or check out the CSI YouTube page.

5. Why should a PMP consider adding the Precision Delivery System to their arsenal of pest management tools?

The PDS provides a simple, professional tool that delivers accurate, efficient placements of dry flowable products. By using the PDS, PMPs and business owners can save time and money by using a tool that speeds up the application process AND reduces chance of error.