MGK recently introduced Sumari Insecticide, an all-in-one solution that provides fast-acting and long-lasting residual control of ants, including multi-queen species, MGK says. Sumari incorporates NyGuard IGR (insect growth regulator) for maximum efficacy, the company adds.

“The development of Sumari was driven by the feedback we received from pest management professionals. So, we are super excited to offer Sumari as an ant control tool designed to enhance PMPs’ business,” said Steve Gullickson, president of MGK.

Sumari was created specifically for PMPs. During development, the MGK team identified several areas PMPs found challenging with ant control.

“With Sumari, treatments can be made with confidence even outdoors against challenging pest ant species, including multi-queen and multi-nest colonies, for 90 days,” said Jessica Strange-George, research and development department manager at MGK. “Excellent formulation stability means less tank agitation, and the combination of long-lasting residual and IGR reduces time spent tank-mixing different formulations. Sumari provides everything you need in an ant control concentrate in one bottle.”

Sumari’s versatility distinguishes it from other products, MGK says. In addition to ants, Sumari kills a wide variety of pests, including aphids, flies, fleas, mosquitoes and more. With no signal word and minimal PPE requirements (no gloves, goggles or respirators), mixing and application are simplified, saving PMPs both time and money, the company says.

“We designed Sumari to simplify ant control. With its flexible label, PMPs only need one product for indoor and outdoor use, including outdoor broadcast applications,” said Brian Krelitz, senior marketing manager at MGK.

Bell Laboratories

Bell Laboratories introduces the new Protecta EVO Tunnel, a versatile yet economical way to protect traps at accounts, the company says.

Protecta EVO Tunnel can be used indoors or outdoors, and can be secured to fences or pipes via cable ties in both the vertical and horizontal position. With a low and discreet profile, the EVO Tunnel provides tamper-resistant coverage of a variety of rat and mouse traps.

Trapper EVO Tunnel accommodates two Trapper T-REX rat snap traps or two Trapper T-REX iQ rat snap traps, which are secured into the EVO Tunnel base. The EVO Tunnel also can provide cover for mouse-sized products such as two Mini-REX mouse snap traps, two Trapper Mouse glue trays or two Trapper MAX glue boards. The Protecta EVO Tunnel opens and locks quickly with Bell’s EVO key, and EVO TUNNEL stations are stackable for easy handling.

When the EVO Tunnel is used in tandem with the Trapper T-REX or T-REX iQ, the result is a system that meets stringent NAWAC animal welfare standards established in New Zealand and recognized around the world.

Protecta EVO Tunnel is the latest addition to the extensive range of EVO Tamper Resistant rodent bait stations from Bell Laboratories, including Protecta EVO Express, Trapper EVO Ambush, Protecta EVO Circuit, Protecta EVO Landscape, Protecta EVO Mouse, Protecta EVO Edge and Protecta EVO Weighted Landscape.

Arizona Chemical

Fipronil-Plus-C is a unique formulation of fipronil in combination with cellulose technology that allows for the active ingredient to be applied at lower dose rates with high efficacy against listed pests, the manufacturer says. Fipronil-Plus-C is labeled for both indoor and outdoor use; it has reduced toxicity; it is protected from UV and microbial degradation; and offers long-lasting protection. This results in less callbacks and significant savings for the PMP, Arizona Chemical reports. Visit the company’s website to read testimonials and see labels, SDS and other information on the new product.

BedBug Central

BedBug Central’s product line SenSci introduces Peel & Stick Filters from Ascent Consumer Products to help ensure companies and clients are protected from the spread of COVID-19, as well as other airborne particles, the company says.

“As soon as we saw the product, we knew we could make a difference in the fight against COVID-19,” said Phil Cooper, owner of BedBug Central. “This product gives us the chance to be a part of the solution and help stop the spread of COVID-19.”

Ascent Consumer Products, the Peel & Stick filter’s manufacturer, selected BedBug Central through its SenSci product line, to be the master distributor for their filters through all business-to-business channels.

The Peel & Stick filters, which are made in the U.S.A., feature a three-layer breathable material with a 60-hour lifespan. They filter out 99 percent of airborne particles, bacteria, dust, mold and pollen down to 0.1 microns, in a study conducted by Nelson Labs. These filters can adhere to any facial covering to increase the mask’s efficiency, up to a N95 level, BedBug Central reports.

Mark Paine, vice president of Ascent Consumer Products, explained that the Peel & Stick filters help provide increased protection against viruses, like COVID-19 and other airborne particles. “The only other filters available on the market are not made in the U.S.A., do not have the peel and stick, and are active carbon filters only,” Paine said. “The CDC, FDA and WHO are saying that one layer of protection is not enough and you need a minimum of two layers. Our three-layered breathable filters plus the one additional layer of the mask, offers you the best level of protection currently available.”

Rob DiJoseph, president of BedBug Central, added, “The Peel & Stick filters significantly raise the bar when it comes to the safety of the mask-wearer and the people they come in contact with. By adding the filter to any mask, the wearer is increasing their mask to the efficiency of a N95 level without sacrificing the limited supply of actual N95 masks for health-care professionals and first responders.”

The Peel & Stick filters are packaged in 36-count packs.

Pest Control Insulation

While inspecting attics for opportunities to incorporate EPA-registered TAP Pest Control Insulation services, Pest Control Insulation says it is often wise for pest management and wildlife professionals to determine the temperature and moisture or humidity readings in the attic as well as look for existing or potential water leaks. PCI now carries a full line of pin and pinless moisture meters by General Tools & Instruments to assist with inspections. PMPs can measure temperature, relative humidity, moisture levels using a pin sensor, and moisture levels using a pad sensor, regardless of the application and moisture level.

“The complete line of moisture meters and replacement parts are simply another innovative way we support the pest management and wildlife industry,” says Jay Mancin, chief financial officer for Pest Control Insulation.