Coalmarch has launched its proprietary integration connecting the CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) Phone System with Service Assistant 5 (SA5) from Real Green by WorkWave.

Coalmarch says with its closed loop marketing system, the power of CTM’s phone system is connected with the strength of the SA5 CRM to create a 360-degree view of customer and marketing data. By closing the loop, Coalmarch says PMPs will:

  • Increase visibility on what marketing channels produce the best leads.
  • Measure ROI by source so PMPs can invest in the channels that drive the best results.
  • Analyze data across multiple customer touch points.
  • Streamline customer management processes.
  • Build a stronger customer journey.

“This integration not only allows you to track your marketing sources through to the sale, but get a complete picture of your performance. It puts home service business owners back in the driver’s seat to make strategic decisions that can help your business grow,” said Coalmarch’s CEO Donnie Shelton.


PestWest was the winner of the Digital Engineering/Technology Award for flyDetect at the Made in Yorkshire Awards ceremony hosted by Insider Media Limited. This ceremony celebrates the companies based in the Yorkshire, England, area as well as the products made in the region that are selling across the world.

Fred Hurstel, PestWest business director, said, “We are so pleased that PestWest has been recognized for the technology we have used to create flyDetect. It has been years in the making and is the first of its kind in the pest control industry. Flying insects contaminating products remains a significant issue for many industries and early identification of potential flying insect problems is a huge benefit, where zero tolerance of insects is required.”

Firms were recognized for their new products, which have met national needs or have continued innovation and ongoing success since the start of the pandemic.


Fumigation Service & Supply has rebranded as FSS. Along with a new name, the supplier has unveiled an updated website and a newsletter meant to help educate with industry insights, updates and solutions.

The company has served the pest management industry for more than 30 years. According to a press release, FSS wanted a simpler name that resonated easily with customers.

“We won’t get offended if you still call us Fumigation Service & Supply, we promise,” the release said. “But we have to admit, FSS rolls off the tongue much easier.”


The Bird Wailer from Birdbusters creates a “No Fly” zone using species-specific alarm/distress sounds broadcast from speaker to speaker at varying times, eliminating habituation to the same sound. The speakers provide coverage up to 40 acres and will project the natural species specific alarm/distress sounds in a radial circle of at least 1,000 feet, the company says. The aggressive electronic sounds can be thrown vertically up to 3,000 feet, which deters birds in flight. The green strobe light — essential for herons, ducks, geese, coyotes and other difficult species — is visible up to 8 miles. The 110V or 12V Bird Wailer is custom designed for agriculture, airports, tailings ponds, wetlands and industrial sites. The system arrives pre-programmed. PMPs need to simply plug and play, the company says.