April 2022


Annual Ant Control Issue

In Memoriam: E.O. Wilson

E.O. WIlson, one of the most distinguished scientists of the modern era, died in December at the age of 92. Here, PCT pays tribute to a legendary biologist affectionately known as “The Ant Man.” He pioneered the field of sociobiology and championed numerous environmental causes, and his groundbreaking research had practical implications for every pest management professional who ever serviced a route.

Top Ant Tips

Since the best ant control method will vary with the type of ant and the situation at hand, it’s important for PMPs to understand all of the available strategies and methods.

Your Questions Ants-Swered

Recently, PCT asked its readers to submit their most pressing ant questions. And you obliged! On the following pages, Chelle Hartzer answers your biggest ant queries.

Focus on Bird Control

Bye, Bye, Birdie

Don’t leave your customers’ bird-related pest control problems to a wing and a prayer. Use these tips to make sure you’ve got a top-flight plan.



5 Questions with Heather Patterson

Ant management is a major slice of the pest control revenue pie, and it can present some big challenges for PMPs. Heather Patterson, Technical Service Manager at Control Solutions, Inc., answers some FAQs about ant control and the CSI products available for your ant management program.

5 Questions with Lance Washington

Starting your own pest control company can seem daunting. Lance Washington, Director of Domestic Franchising for Truly Nolen of America, explains why partnering with an established franchise system is a great option.

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