August 2018


Industry Events

Mallis and Beyond

Young entomologists and their research were in the spotlight at the National Conference on Urban Entomology in Raleigh, N.C.

On the Road

Deader Than Dead Tour

The Sentricon system’s 6-city, 12-state, 26-day tour with a giant termite-topped hearse aimed to increase awareness of the importance of preventive termite control.

Mosquito Management

New Trap for PMPs’ Toolboxes

The AP&G Catchmaster Ovi-Catch Mosquito Trap, which was originally developed by the CDC, is designed to catch mosquitoes during the breeding cycle when females look for a location to lay their eggs.

Annual Rodent Control Issue

What’s The Buzz?

PMPs share what’s happening in the field with digital rodent monitoring. And what’s next for this new technology?

Rats: Ultimate Survivors

What makes rats such resilient rodents? They have a long list of impressive characteristics that have allowed them to survive for so long.

The Rise of the Rats

An innovative online marketing campaign from Rentokil, which features compelling visuals and dramatic facts and figures about the reproductive potential of rats, has paid big dividends for the rapidly growing company.


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