August 2020


Cover Story

Invasive Insects

America is under siege from invasive pests. Is your company properly positioned to profit from this market opportunity? ALSO: 5 reasons why invasive pests thrive.

Invasive Pests Kill So Many Trees Each Year, It’s Equal to 5 Million Car Emissions

Invasive insects and pathogens have wreaked havoc on ash, elm, chestnut trees and others, wiping some of them almost completely from American forests. In addition to the ecological impact, a Purdue University study shows that the carbon storage lost to these pests each year is the same as the amount of carbon emitted by 5 million vehicles.

When are Nontoxic Baits Appropriate?

Nontoxic baits can be placed in and around structures, near rodent entry points, in transport vehicles and beside rodent burrows to detect the presence of mice and rats.

From the Field to the Drawing Board

After years of listening to customers ask for a better way to control rodents, PCO Fred Markowich began experimenting to create a product that would answer his customers’ needs.


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