August 2021


Company Profile

Lessons in Going Green

Josh McCloud left the family business, a former Top 100 company, to start his own green pest management firm. Along the way, he learned some hard lessons, which he willingly shared to help others embrace green.

PMP Profile

A Lifelong Pursuit

Audrey Hall and her husband Scott grew up in the pest control industry. Now, they head Eco Serve Pest Services, which has grown from a Saturday-only business to a full-service pest control company dedicated to giving back to the Western New York community.

Annual Rodent Control Issue

Rethinking Rodent Management

The passage of AB 1788, a law that restricts the use of SGARs in California, has pest control companies in the Golden State and elsewhere rethinking their rodent control programs.

Hide and Seek

When performing home inspections, PMPs must enter the mind of the rodent.

Taking the Bait

Chris Keefer, Ph.D., Syngenta technical service manager, shares five essential tips for baiting rodents.



5 Questions with Billy Tesh

Billy Tesh, president of Crawlspace Depot, provides dehumidification tips and reviews products and services in this dynamic market.

5 Questions with Misty Little

Snap traps, such as the Kness Big Snap-E Rat Trap, continue to be an effective tool for quickly and humanely eliminating invasive rats.

5 Questions with Dave Colbert

Dave Colbert, Xcluder VP Sales, answers the top 5 questions about the importance of exclusion as part of integrated pest management (IPM).