December 2021

Cover Story


Company Profile

Insects Limited Celebrates 40 Years

Since its establishment by Dave Mueller in 1981, Insects Limited has built a global reputation for its expertise in pheromone technology. Today the company researches, tests, develops, manufactures, and distributes pheromones and trapping systems for stored product insects.

Bed Bug Supplement

Clutter Cooperation

Bed bug clients can be overwhelmed when faced with the task of tackling the clutter in their home. Not all clutter is equally important, however. Here’s how to prioritize.

The Power of Proactive

Long-lasting products make preventive control — and recurring bed bug revenue — finally possible. Here are 5 reasons to consider adding this service.

Talking Points

Bed bug treatments ultimately come down to communication — communicating with customers and those performing the bed bug jobs. Good communication is good business when it comes to bed bugs.


Technician of the Year Awards Supplement

Next-Level Customer Service

Juan Arroyo, PCT’s Residential Technician of the Year, has developed meaningful bonds with both customers and teammates during the 21 years he’s worked as a Massey Services technician.

The Ultimate Team Player

Termite Technician of the Year Joe Avery has become a leader at HomeTeam Pest Defense by focusing on teamwork and customer satisfaction.

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