February 2021


Company Spotlight

‘Sorry We Missed You’

PMP Kevin Thorn designed creative and educational marketing cards to inform clients that his technicians were on site. And there’s a bonus: The cards help grow his company’s brand.

Cover Story: Annual Termite Control Issue

Termites Around the World

Even though PMPs deal with only a few types of termites in the United States, there are 3,000+ species worldwide. Here’s how one PMP is documenting these wood-destroying pests.

Equipment: Selection, Use & Maintenance

Termite equipment maintenance is critical for pest management companies. Some maintenance is relatively simple and can be performed by the technician. Other maintenance requires more skill and time and the proper tools and location.

Facts & Tips

A quick review of termite information to assist technicians in the field.



5 Questions with Dr. Barb Nead-Nylander

Even though a pandemic has limited travel and human interaction, tough pests like bed bugs have not gone away. Dr. Barb Nead-Nylander, research and development scientist at Douglas Products, answers common questions about bed bugs and treatment options.

5 Questions with Tom Costello

In today’s market, thermal technology has become an important tool in eliminating wood-destroying insects while also being more conscious of the environment. Tom Costello is the director of technical services for Greentech Heat Solutions. He has over 35 years of experience in the pest control and termite fields. Tom has worked with many different industries in the use of thermal technology for the control of many different insect species.

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