February 2022

Cover Story

Flavipes Funeral

How termites manage their dead may have pest management implications.


Legislative Day

Midges and the Monument

The Lincoln Memorial is not only threatened by the ravages of time, but by the bodies, droppings and prematurely deposited egg masses of a tiny insect. In honor of next month’s NPMA Legislative Day, we take a visit to a monumental spot with a unique insect problem.

Industry Events

The Big 5-0

The University of Kentucky Pest Control Short Course celebrated its 50th anniversary late last year with presentations designed to educate and entertain.

Annual Termite Control Issue

Spray Foam Update

The state of Georgia recently passed a new building code to aid termite inspections. An industry push for “removable” insulation in the interior rim joist area of homes will protect consumers and PMPs alike, stakeholders say.



5 Questions with Nick Browne

Nick Browne, Sentricon® category lead, shares why the Sentricon system, 26 years young, is THE Standalone Solution for Certified Sentricon Specialists® (CSSs).

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