June 2020


COVID-19 Coverage

Pandemic Fallout

While the pest control industry has proven recession-resistant in the past, the industry has never faced anything quite like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cover Story

An Outside(r) Perspective

Do industry outsiders who start pest control companies have a built-in advantage? If so, what gives them an edge? And how can you use these principles in your own business?

Insect Behavior

Dear Old Dad!

In honor of Father’s Day this month, new research showcases the best and brightest fathers of the insect world.

In the News

Trapped in Time

Woodstream recently loaned its vast collection of pest control traps to Ohio’s Trap History Museum, which features traps used throughout the years.

Annual Fly Control Issue

Basic Fly Biology

Understanding the biology of a specific class of insects is critical to designing an effective control program.

Proper Trash Management

Dumpsters, compactors and trash rooms are often the focal point of pest problems — including flies — in commercial accounts.

Bed Bug Supplement

News & Notes

A review of bed bug news and product information from industry suppliers.

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