June 2021


Cover Story

Storm Warning

We know what happens to people and structures when hurricanes hit. But what about termites? Now that hurricane season is upon us, here’s what you need to know to prepare your business.

Fly Control Case Studies

What follows are some hands-on examples of difficult-to-solve fly accounts. Would you have made the right call on treatments and inspections?

Legal Issues

Letter of the Law

You may have encountered an expert witness if you’ve ever had to go to court for your pest control business. Here’s what to know about their expertise.

PMP Profile

Peace of Mind

Exceptional customer care requires compassion and respect. PMP and minister Elijah Miller shares tips for instilling trust, confidence and peace of mind.

Bed Bug Supplement

Quick Check

One company’s two-minute preventive bed bug checks are paying big dividends.

News & Notes

A review of bed bug news and product information from industry suppliers.


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All Eyes on Small Flies

Sanitation is top of mind now more than ever — and for some PMPs, discerning customers under pressure to ‘keep it clean’ are turning out to be better service partners.

What Does ‘Clean’ Mean?

It’s a new world as far as clean surfaces go. But how much do customers care when the public isn’t in their buildings?

In It Together

Savvy PMPs take a partnership approach to managing small fly infestations, earning complete buy-in from customers.

Photos On the Fly

Many PMPs are leveraging smartphone images to communicate better with clients.

What Customers Know — or Need to Know

Lyme disease may have become the darling of the media the past few years, but those in the business of pest management know that there are plenty of human diseases transmitted by ticks.

Year Two Underway: Monitoring and Intervention

During monthly pest control service visits for other structural pests, Corbett Exterminating employees now also inspect bed bug monitors, ensure mattress liners remain installed and address resident concerns about the pests.

ATAHC = New Business Opportunity

ATAHC’s preventive strategy introduces a paradigm shift to the industry. A clear benefit of the program is it allows for the PMP to better deploy their technical staff, facilitating scheduling and saving in labor expense.