June 2022


Cover Story

Money in the Tank

It costs PMPs more to fill up their vehicles now than it did just a few months ago. Read on for real-world strategies from your peers on how to reduce the pain at the pump.

Labor Market

Labor Daze

Different tactics are needed to attract talent in an ultra-competitive job market. Learn how some PMPs are gaining the advantage.

Bed Bug Supplement

No Vacancy

Vacant units can create bed bug challenges. Here’s how to resolve unreported infestations.

News & Notes

A review of bed bug news and product information from industry suppliers.

Annual Ant Control Issue

Small Flies Are a Big Pain

When moth flies breed in hidden areas, it’s time to think outside the drain and start inspecting other, less common habitats.

Goodbye, Large Flies

Exclusion and sanitation measures can go a long way in ridding your customer’s food facility of disease-carrying large flies.

When Sanitation Is a Dirty Word

Offending your restaurant and hospitality clients won’t help you solve their small fly problems. Here’s how to approach the issue of sanitation to ensure their cooperation.



5 Questions with Gokhan Vergon

How do pest management professionals move from “good enough” to “best in class?” What can they do to create the safest and healthiest environments possible? Gokhan Vergon, head of Pest Management and Public Health, explains how thinking in terms of total solutions — not just products — can help pest management professionals solve problems, seize opportunities and grow a satisfied customer base.

5 Questions with Eric Paysen

Controlling hard-to-reach insects can give pest management professionals (PMPs) an edge in providing a life uninterrupted by pests. Dr. Eric Paysen, technical services manager for Syngenta, explains how PMPs can use Advion® MicroFlow insect bait to make a big impact with a small application.

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