March 2017

Bed Bug Control

Hitting the Books

A study from the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences says bringing bed bugs to the classroom makes everyone smarter.

You Found One Bed Bug — Now What?

Although the mere sight of a bed bug traversing across a mattress or climbing on a bed frame can send people into a tizzy, PMPs need to communicate to customers that a small number of bed bugs in an account does not always mean a large infestation is present.

Locked & Loaded

The Germinator is a mechanically sealed mobile sanitizing chamber that uses a combination of ozone and heat to kill germs and pests, including bed bugs.


PCT Annual Photo Contest

Caught on Camera

Ed Freytag, senior entomologist at the New Orleans Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board, wins PCT’s 15th annual contest with a beautiful photo he submitted of an acorn weevil.

Creating Termite Business

Termite behavior is just not the same these days. So in lieu of decreased termite work related to swarming, diversification has been the key to market growth at many firms.

Outdoor Action is Key

Harvester ants are expert foragers, they strip large areas of vegetation from around their nest and they pack a mean sting. Here’s what you need to know.