March 2021


PCT Event

Education Made Easy

PCT’s Pest Control in Food Processing & Commercial Facilities Virtual Conference will be held in April. Attend from your home or office!

Industry Events

Purdue Goes Virtual

Dr. Gary Bennett reflected on the important role the industry’s service professionals play at January’s Purdue virtual conference.

Termite Control

Need to Know

Following the label when treating for termites is critical, but there are lots of things the label does not tell you. PMPs need to be prepared, know their state regulations and follow company policies when performing termite treatments.

Bed Bug Supplement

Bed Bug Myths

There are lots of myths about bed bugs. Customers may hear odd stories from friends, family or the online community that have no basis in fact or science. What’s the craziest thing you have heard from a customer about bed bugs?

Getting Schooled

Tips from a teacher-turned-technician on how to educate customers about bed bug control and prevention.

Bed Bug Ministry

One PMP is determined to serve the underserved by eliminating their bed bugs.

Lessons Learned in the Trenches

At the 2020 Virtual Bed Bug Conference, Rollins’ Judy Black spoke of the lessons she learned throughout the early years of bed bug work — a time when there was still a lot for the industry to learn.

Uphill Battle

University research finds bed bug infestations are strongly associated with income, eviction rates and crowding at the neighborhood level.


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5 Questions with Nina Jenkins

Aprehend is a relatively new pesticide designed for the elimination and prevention of bed bug infestations. Nina Jenkins, the CTO and founder of ConidioTec, discusses the Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about using Aprehend in a bed bug protocol.

Special Report: Mosquito Control

Fighting Malaria

World Malaria Day is April 25. Here’s a review of what some groups — including those in the pest management industry — are doing to fight this threat to public health around the world.

Distribution Impacts Control

Do you know exactly where to inspect for mosquitoes? Read on to learn more about the ‘Big Four’ areas to find these pests on your customers’ property.

Where to Start

Pest management professionals from across the country share their best tips to building a successful mosquito control program.

Light the Way

A new study reveals how different mosquitoes respond to light and time, which may help aid in new control methods.