May 2022

Cover Story: Top 100

Top 100 List

The industry's 100 largest firms, ranked according to 2021 revenues.

Private Ayes

Before saying yes to any deal, here’s what every pest professional should know about private equity investors and how they affect the industry.

Has the M&A Bubble Burst?

From a mergers and acquisitions point of view, 2021 was straightforward until December when Rentokil Initial announced its intention to buy Terminix Global Holdings. This one transaction will dramatically reshape the U.S. pest control industry. However, setting aside this one deal, how did the rest of the industry fare last year?

Seismic Activity

The industry has rocked and rolled recently. But a look beneath the surface shows the reasons behind recent upheavals and how to continue capitalizing on them.

The Name Game

Naming a business is more than clever puns or making sure you show up first in Google’s algorithms. It represents you and your values, so changing it is no small undertaking.

Logical Leadership

San Diego-based Lloyd Pest Control looked within for its new president, 32-year company vet Scott Crowley.

What We Learned

With the benefit of hindsight, former pest control company owners Stuart and Dan Aust share the lessons they’ve learned from more than 30 years in the industry.

Green Pest Solutions

Owner Matt Jesson says his firm became a Top 100 company through the generosity of mentorship and prioritization of building a strong leadership team.


Mosquito Control Supplement

Caught in the Act

How can PMPs use mosquito surveillance to protect people and the environment?

What Drives Interest?

Understanding customer motivations will help you grow your mosquito control service.



5 Questions with Gokhan Vergon

How do pest management professionals move from “good enough” to “best in class?” What can they do to create the safest and healthiest environments possible? Gokhan Vergon, head of Pest Management and Public Health, explains how thinking in terms of total solutions — not just products — can help pest management professionals solve problems, seize opportunities and grow a satisfied customer base.

5 Questions with Mike Dougherty

Bird control is a critical component of a full-service pest management program but can be quickly overlooked. Mike Dougherty, Bird B Gone’s bird control and product expert, discusses the importance of incorporating bird control as a preventative action and not a reactionary treatment. Acting early can prevent future complications.

5 Questions with Ted Worster

In2Care is a unique solution — there is nothing else like it for mosquito control. Therefore, the Dutch company often gets interesting questions. Ted Worster has been in the pest control industry for many years and now works with the In2Care team to support the significant growth of the U.S. market.

5 Questions with Sage Intacct’s Chad Wagner

Your pest management company strives to deliver exceptional customer service, so why not have a best-in-class accounting software backing it up? Sage Intacct’s cloud-based accounting software provides companies with critical real-time operational and financial data. It allows you to do more with less and delivers verifiable ROI quickly.

Eviction Notice!

Uncovering the root of a serious mosquito problem allowed these customers to once again enjoy their Texas backyard. What can you learn from this mosquito horror story?

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The Pest: More Mosquitoes and Higher Demand for Service

Seventy-one percent of PMPs said the number of customer requests for mosquito control increased significantly or somewhat in 2021, found the 2022 PCT State of the Mosquito Control Market survey. That’s up from 59 percent who reported an increase in customer requests for mosquito service in 2020.