October 2020


Technical Training

Are You a Pro?

Keeping thorough pesticide application records may seem like busywork, but it’s a critical part of every pest management professional’s job.

PMP in the News

Not Heading Into the Sunset

After only a few months of retirement, Terry Clark of Clark Pest Control decided to renovate the Sunset Theater in Lodi, Calif., into a performing arts center, a project that has shown him how to have a fulfilling life after pest control.

PCO Profile

Add-On Success Stories

The Cowley brothers, first-generation pest control operators, have found a way to not only maintain a thriving pest and wildlife control business, but how to successfully offer multiple add-on services.

Business Opportunities

Seeing the Light

As solar farms pop up across the country, and more homeowners install them as a source of energy, the need for pest control around solar panels continues to increase. Are you ready to take advantage of this growing opportunity?

Ant Control

Customer Intelligence

When it comes to carpenter ant control, it’s critical PMPs interview the customer. Here are nine questions to make sure you get answered before your treatment.

In the Field

Fly Control Case Studies

What follows are some hands-on examples of difficult-to-solve fly accounts. Would you have made the right call on treatments and inspections?


Crown Leadership Awards, Sponsored By Syngenta

It’s A Sure Thing

PMPs trust the powerful MetaActive effect in Advion insecticides. Now, two additions to the brand family are giving PMPs even more to cheer about, including effective control of large- colony ants.

SecureChoice 2.0

The SecureChoice brand from Syngenta is better than ever, offering new tools to help PMPs effectively control the most challenging pests… or the re-treat is on them.

Save All Year Long

The PestPartners 365 Program helped Think Pest Control upgrade to Demand CS insecticide, while reducing callbacks and saving the company a significant amount of money.

Darren Van Steenwyk

The director of learning and technical services at Clark Pest Control has stepped up the company’s training game in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jim Steed

Successful Sacramento PCO has become an important regulatory voice for the pest control industry in California.

Marsha & Tommy Reeves

This dynamic duo is serving a new generation of PMPs while honoring their family’s legacy of pest control industry market commitment.

Grzegorz Buczkowski

Purdue University researcher with deep ties to the pest control industry has traveled a unique path to success.

Faye Golden

From regulator to NPMA executive committee member, Golden is racking up a host of industry firsts and reshaping pest management’s future along the way.

Kevin Smith

The Chief Marketing Officer at Rollins took a circuitous route to the industry, but each of his previous positions prepared him for his current role.

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5 Questions with Billy Tesh (Crawlspace Depot)

As more pest companies add closed crawlspaces to their product offering, PMPs often have technical questions about this new service. Here, Billy Tesh, president of Crawlspace Depot, discusses dehumidification tips that will help PMPs entering this market.

5 Questions with Janis Reed, Ph.D., B.C.E. (CSI)

The Precision Delivery System (PDS) is an innovative new system developed specifically for the pest management professional. The PDS increases application efficiency and reduces expensive over-applications.

5 Questions with Ryan Neff, Ph.D. (MGK)

Ants are the No. 1 household and nuisance insects in the United States and one of the top pests for which PMPs would like better control solutions. MGK’s West Coast Technical Field Specialist, Ryan Neff, Ph.D., answers the most common questions and offers expert tips for ant control.

5 Questions with Dr. Jamel Sandidge (Nisus)

Sanitation is a critical component of success. There’s “people clean,” and then there is “insect clean.” The buildup of fats, oils and grease (FOG) on surfaces and accumulation of organic matter can often be the source of many problems. Bio-sanitation may be the missing link in your success. Here are some tips on how to build bio-sanitation revenue in commercial and residential accounts.

5 Questions with Eric Paysen (Syngenta)

A primary goal for pest management professionals is preventing callbacks from customers. Eric Paysen, Ph.D., technical services manager for Professional Pest Management at Syngenta, explains how Demand® CS insecticide can help provide the reliable, residual control customers expect.

5 Questions with Heather King (Target Specialty Products)

There is a lot of buzz in the pest management industry  about  polymers, microcaps, and adjuvants. Have you wondered whether these products are worth it and what they do? As pest control products become more precise with lower application rates, feature less toxic ingredients, and have tighter use guidelines, it is becoming essential to maximize the impact of every pesticide application.

5 Questions with James F. Miller, ACE (Trece)

The Indian meal moth is the #1 stored product pest worldwide. Its control and prevention are well known but underutilized due to varying economics. Now Trécé has developed a first-ever microencapsulated sprayable mating disruption product, which is soon to be available industry-wide. Here James Miller, ACE, Market Manager, PCO, with Trécé Incorporated, reviews questions regarding the application of CIDETRAK® IMM MEC™ sprayable mating disruptant for IMM and other species.

5 Questions with Erin Monteagudo (Veseris)

A good training process should be well thought-out and established before hiring new employees — and should continue supporting them when it’s time for recertification and advancement. Veseris’ Technical Content & Training Specialist, Erin Monteagudo, explains how ProTraining can help pest management companies onboard employees, keep them certified, and even empower them to become Associate Certified Entomologists.