September 2021

Cover Story

Getting Better at Change

Transforming the organization is not without risk. To succeed where many company leaders fail, follow this advice.


Mosquito Control

Fall Hiatus?

Does your phone ring this time of year with customers cancelling their final mosquito treatment of the season? Here are some tips for retaining clients though the end of their contract.

Bed Bug Supplement

The Nose Knows

Man’s best friend can be a bed bug’s worst enemy.

Creating Top-Notch Programs

It’s imperative to identify the right person for the role of a bed bug technician. Such staff members need to be intelligent and prepared to think outside the box.

News & Notes

A review of bed bug news and product information from industry suppliers.


Annual Wildlife Control Issue

Partnerships are a Win-Win

Does your firm perform urban wildlife services? Or do you subcontract these jobs out? Either can be a good opportunity.

Wildlife Round Up

A humorous look at some big lessons learned while wrangling with wildlife.

‘Tails’ of the Chase

Roof rats love high-up areas and all voids in accounts. Is your staff inspecting all of these areas thoroughly?


5 Questions with Nicky Gallagher

Pest management professionals (PMPs) need a product that provides strength and flexibility to avoid expensive callbacks and unhappy customers. Dr. Nicky Gallagher, technical services manager for Syngenta, explains how Tandem® insecticide can help PMPs provide a dual defense against 90+ pests.